From the desk of Ol’ Doc Propane…Propane–Workhorse and Wonder-horse

Ol’ Doc Propane again.  While it’s just past “fair” time in New Hampshire, memories are still so wonderfully vivid    Ubiquitous craft shows,  gut-wrenching tractor pulls, melodious midway rides, a plethora of high fat, high calorie, low nutritional value treats and of course, the crowd favorite “huss-pullin.”  Some of those sinewy teams can handle more than an ordinary load; which reminds me of propane.

Propane is our workhorse in many ways.  It efficiently heats your home with forced hot water boilers or forced hot air furnaces.  It comfortably warms your bath with a tank-type water heater or an on-demand tankless water heater.  It relieves your stress and renews your calm with a log fireplace or stylish parlor stove; incidentally, with no chopping, splitting or hauling.  It can also heat your patio and generate a dancing flame in your backyard fire pit.

Not just for heating, it can cook your food and dry your clothes in half the time of electric dryers.  A professionally installed generator can provide electricity when power lines are damaged.  Propane can heat your garage, run your lawn mower and, if you are really savvy, it can even power your automobile.  All the time, it’s working for you and is clean and green for the environment.   Even better, most propane comes from the good ol’ US of A.

Yes, propane is indeed a wonder-horse.  One thing it’s not?  A “one trick pony.”

Please stay tuned for more helpful hints from Ol’ Doc Propane, your “LP Gastrologist.”