From the desk of Ol’ Doc Propane…Power up—when your power is down

Summer is the perfect time to be thinking about when it’s 32 degrees outside and the forecast is for snow—heavy, wet and deep. Power lines and tree limbs above them are stained to the brink; and then it happens.  Power lines break, transformers blow and power to your home is interrupted…always at the most inconvenient time! No water, no heat and no late-night TV.

In New Hampshire, our linemen always do their level best to restore power as soon as possible. But with wide-spread outages, it may be days before your electricity is restored. Now’s the time to be thinking about an automatic home generator which “comes to life” seconds after power is lost. Sure, you can pull an undersized generator out of the garage, and hope it starts with gas leftover from your lawnmower last summer, then count on the gas station five miles away to have power and gas at the pump. Or, you can install a propane generator to electrify your complete home through the use of propane that never goes bad and sits in your tank, at the ready.

If you are tired of the inconvenience of intermittent electrical power, give Viking Propane a call this summer. We can visit your home, recommend a number of expert generator specialists and then work with one of them to provide gas for the generator they install. Viking always provides fast, courteous service you can count on…keeping you safe from the dark of night.

Viking Propane; when you need us, we’re there!

Please stay tuned for more helpful hints from Ol’ Doc Propane, your “LP Gastrologist.”