A “Fan” of Saving Money in New Hampshire

A Tip from Ol’ Doc Propane:

Convective currents transfer heat to cold areas, be it water in the ocean, wind in our atmosphere, or air in our homes. Many don’t realize, much of the heat generated by home heating systems tends to congregate at ceiling level—exactly where you ARE NOT sitting with family, a good book or around the dinner table. Oddly enough, many folks have overhead fans which stay “dormant” until summertime.

Winter use of those fans (set to the lowest speed possible and moving counter-clockwise as you look up at them) move heat trapped at the ceiling and distribute it to “people level.” While this may appear counterintuitive, using fans on the lowest speed will not cause drafts, and use little electricity while keeping you warm. All this saves money, since the thermostat is at “people level” too, and “feels” the warmth!

Please stay tuned for more helpful hints from Ol’ Doc Propane, your “LP Gastrologist.”