Thomas Edison would be proud!

Ol’ Doc Propane again…

In October 1879, Ol’ Tom Edison devised a workable incandescent light at his laboratory in Menlo Park New Jersey. He then “wired” the boarding house across the street to install lights in some of the rooms. It worked!

Now electricity is taken for granted. Almost 140 years later, we light our homes and patios, run air conditioners, wash laundry, watch televisions, blow our hair dry and generally use electricity for almost everything we do. Until we can’t….

Along comes the “big bad wolf” storm huffing and puffing strong winds. Driving rain and hail add to the mix and wires go down. We’re in the dark, tripping on the cat and blindly searching through the “junk drawer” (everyone has a junk drawer—usually in the kitchen) for flashlights, batteries, matches, and candles. However, those incidentals won’t run the coffee pot, pump the water or run the heat. Like it or not, we depend upon a steady stream of electrical energy to do just about everything.

So…have you considered a propane generator? Within ten seconds of a power loss, a generator responds with all the energy you’ll need to continue life in the fast lane. Here’s what to do. Find an electrician to assess your power needs in case of a power shortage. Once you have decided where the generator is to be located and the size required, call the folks at Viking to determine propane tank requirements, piping, and placement. Once installed, you can sit back and listen to the “rhythm of the falling rain” telling you how intelligent you are! Remember…propane can do that!

Please stay tuned for more helpful hints from Ol’ Doc Propane, your “LP Gastrologist.”