Air conditioning…now there’s a New Hampshire phenomenon. Few people think about hot weather until it’s upon them and summer temperatures are sweltering. To make matters worse, in New England, many of us have stately colonial homes or classic “New Englanders;” beautiful post and beam buildings built prior to the twentieth century and with little or no thought given to forced hot-air furnaces or central air conditioning. Alas, lovely to look at, so darn difficult to cool…until now.

Energy-efficient mini-split air conditioners cool only the rooms where air conditioning is required, and have optional heat pumps to quietly warm your home throughout the entire year, thus supplementing your boiler or furnace. These handsome units are easily installed, simple to maintain, and will cool a room faster and more efficiently than those ugly, old-fashioned window units.

And, for those who do have forced hot-air systems (furnaces) central air conditioning is easily retro-fitted into most existing duct work. So, why not “cool the proverbial jets,” enjoy your home in the hottest, summer weather and get a cool night’s sleep. Just call Viking to make it all happen.

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