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When you need us, we’re there

Propane delivery and service


Viking Propane joins the Eastern Propane & Oil family.

We put a lot of thought into what would best serve the growing needs of our customers. The resources, culture, and community spirit of Eastern Propane & Oil made them an ideal choice in continuing to provide the level of service that has become a Viking hallmark. Eastern, which has been family-owned and operated since 1932, has the experience and resources to fully understand and meet the energy needs of the Viking family for years to come. We look forward to this next chapter in our history. If you have any concerns, call 603-483-3446.

As always, when you need us, we’re here.

—Art and John

Viking Propane has been treating New Hampshire heating and cooling customers as family for years.

At Viking, we understand your need for affordable propane delivery and energy efficient and reliable heating and cooling systems. We pride ourselves on offering our southern New Hampshire heating and cooling customers the best propane gas equipment, expert installation and world-class customer service before, during and after the sale. Viking’s staff is highly-trained and knowledgeable, with years of experience installing and servicing energy equipment. Each technician is certified in system installation, operation and troubleshooting. Viking Propane provides world-class and friendly customer service…just what the doctor ordered!

Viking serves commercial clients, as well as residential. Small to medium businesses, who desire an outstanding level of customer care and service, are a Viking mainstay. If your company is anything like ours, it’s full time, overtime, all the time, and you need a partner who has your back throughout the year. Viking delivers fast, friendly and courteous service you can count on for your offices, restaurants, laundromats, garages and showrooms.

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Be Prepared Play Spot

In their latest radio spot, John and Art want you to follow the Boy Scout motto and "Be Prepared" for next winter with pre-buy and budget programs from Viking.
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