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The Vikings Bring You Air Conditioning…

Oh boy it’s hot—and muggy! Most folks don’t realize that moisture inside your home may be more dangerous than the dry, indoor air brought to us by “Old Man Winter.” While hot, dry air inflames our sinuses, loosens the joints in our furniture and creates static electricity, “summer mug” can cause dangerous mold, nasty mildew and that uncomfortable “wet” feeling.

Air conditioning not only keeps your home cool, it keeps it dry as well. As warm air is drawn over the a/c cooling coils, an immediate drop in temperature automatically takes moisture from the air. In fact, that’s why you see water dripping from window air-conditioners.

With ductless mini-splits, or other home air-conditioning systems, excess water is eliminated using a condensation pump—no unsightly puddles there! And here’s the good news! Viking Propane now installs and services air-conditioning units on an annual basis to keep them clean, efficient and in working order.

Give Viking a call at 603-483-3446 so we may meet with you at your convenience to discuss air-conditioning options for your home.