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Our Team



Janice Fusco—Janice is the knowledgeable, friendly voice you hear on the other end of your line when you call Viking Propane.  She is our office “guru” when it comes to customer accounts, service plans, payables and receivables.   Her memory is phenomenal, and she always goes the extra mile to help anyone in need.






Gary Morrison—Gary is a versatile and valuable team member at Viking. He is a technician, and along with Scott, helps install the many boilers, water heaters, fire places, gas piping and tank sets for which the Viking team is well known. He is certified and licensed in the State of NH.  Whether a propane or oil heating system, Gary works on them all. He also practices his customer service skills as a driver for Viking Propane.





Arthur Burns—Art is a managing partner of Viking Propane and has been in heating industry operations for almost 30 years.  In fact, as general manager for another local company, he brought propane to the Manchester area and was successful in establishing a company storage and operations base.  He also has a background in natural gas in order to provide new customers options for home heating and appliances.





John Mayland—John, along with Arthur, is a managing partner and has been in the energy business since 2006.  He concentrates mainly on the sales portion of the business and visits new customers to ensure their safety and peace of mind.  Prior to launching Viking Propane, he spent 30 years in manufacturing management in the disciplines of material and quality assurance.