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Equipment Financing

Financing is now available from Viking Propane via partnership with Granite State Credit Union. In the past, when a customer needed a new boiler or furnace, it was a definite strain on family finances. Now, that same customer can apply for a simple loan to replace that broken-down monstrosity in the cellar, and make easy, monthly payments. And all the while, the entire family can enjoy the warmth and comfort of clean, green, American Propane heat. Incidentally, heating systems aren’t they only equipment available for financing. Maybe you’re weary of power outages in the middle of a storm. Why not take advantage of equipment financing and install a whole house propane generator? Viking works with a number of reputable electricians in the area and can coordinate efforts with anyone you happen to have in mind. And, how about that cold shower you’ve been complaining about. With money available, there’s no sense roughing it in your own home.

A brand new, on-demand water heater is state of the art, and gives hot water as long as the faucet is on. Incredible isn’t it? And to think, you’ve been putting off this important purchase because household budget dollars weren’t available. So now you know. With custom financing available from Viking and the Granite State Credit Union, you can really have your cake and “heat” it too. Call us for details at 603-483-3446.

Call us for details at 603-483-3446.