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Viking Radio Ad – Escape from Propane Jail!

Get Out of Propane Jail with Viking Propapne Co.

Get out of Propane Jail with Viking Propane!

Underground tank owned by another provider? No problem…and no excavation! Viking Propane can work with you and your existing propane tank. Escape from your “BIG GUY” provider and set up delivery a payment plan that works for you. No hidden fees, better rates and no long term contracts— lock in your season propane rate now with pre-buys and GET OUT OF PROPANE JAIL!!

Help…I’m buried alive!!!!

“I can’t believe how much propane prices went up last winter.  And the hidden delivery and Hazmat fees are driving me crazy!  But I have to stay with my propane company because they own my underground tank.” 

And so it goes throughout neighborhoods all around New Hampshire. . .


Just because your current supplier owns your underground propane tank, it doesn’t stop you from finding a better deal—AND THEY DON’T HAVE TO DIG IT OUT OF YOUR YARD.

Give Viking a call at 603-483-3446.  We can work with you to escape your dilemma, ensure a great price and eliminate extra fees and charges.  Viking can simply buy the tank from your current supplier—no hassles, just propane delivered in a fast, friendly, courteous manner you can count on.