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Big Green Egg


If you had a little skill, would you, could you on a grill? OK, let’s face it, most men like to grill during bar-b-que season, any time from January through say, December. Few things are more satisfying than dropping a hunk of raw meat on the grid iron and transforming it into a choice, delectable, tender, melt-in-your-mouth morsel everyone at the table raves about. And as all “alpha males” know, in bar-b-que “unique” is what counts.

Along with Tim the Tool Guy, the Alpha Males at Viking Propane are no different—except, believe it or not, they prefer charcoal to propane. Huh???? Ironic perhaps; but when a propane company says charcoal is better than gas, one better take careful notice. The Big Green Egg is an incredible and unique backyard necessity. Made of super strength fire-brick ceramic, it holds heat and moisture like a “dog on a pant leg” giving you more flavorful meat, fowl and fish. It’s also more or less a natural chimney complete with fire door and damper, so temperature control is exacting—even during extra long cooking or smoking periods (I’ve actually been able to hold 225 degrees F within 5 degrees over eighteen hours—and without adding charcoal)!

Due to stellar design and construction, the Egg’s cooking temperature ranges from 150 degrees F to 700 degrees. That means it can smoke, grille, sear and bake. And the flavor???? Perfectly baked wood-fired pizzas, mouth-watering sirloin tips, succulent spare ribs and delicious smoked havarti—entire meals for your friends to rave about. (Uh oh, just drooled into the keyboard)!

So remember, Father’s day is almost here and Viking carries the whole line of Big Green Eggs, charcoal and all the “Eggcessories.” And, if you buy from us, we deliver the grille free and even assemble it for you. Be careful though, once smoke wafts throughout the neighborhood, you might find yourselves with permanent dinner guests!